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Why Pay a Mercedes Benz Dealer for the Same Coverage When You Can Pay HALF AS MUCH?

You can avoid financial chaos knowing you’re shielded from major repair shop bills with an extended warranty, also called a vehicle service contract. Much like health care coverage for your family, a  Mercedes Benz extended warranty provides coverage so if you have a major car repair you won’t hurt financially.

What Most Companies Don’t Want You to Know

Warranty companies and warranty plans are not equal. If you don’t want to be stranded in the middle of nowhere when your car is broken down, it’s important to work with a warranty company that can answer your questions and help you understand how to get the most of your Mercedes Benz warranty, as well as, how to avoid common mistakes car owners make and end up with a cancelled warranty contract (yes, it happens to frequently!).

While most warranty companies are interested in selling you a warranty, our select group of representatives are dedicated to servicing you, which includes spending as much time as necessary sharing information before you make a purchasing decision. Unlike high pressure sales people who only care about the size of their commission, our independent warranty agents want to help you protect your Mercedes Benz and your wallet. See how it works

If you’re not aware of the contract loopholes you’ll get rejected the first time you submit a claim. It’s why our agents will send you copies of the vehicle service contract with your free Mercedes Benz warranty quote beforehand so you can review and discuss what’s included.

Find Out If You Qualify

Your next step is to find out if your Mercedes Benz can qualify for our plans in . Qualification is determined by the year, model and mileage. Simply submit the form for a free Mercedes Benz extended warranty online quote and you’ll receive details about availability. It’s no hassle and no high sales pressure. See our list of guarantees

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